Nikon D5300 Bundle Deal

By | November 25, 2014

Buy Nikon D5300 Bundle for your best shots

Need camera with excellent features at a reasonable price range? Nikon is your answer. Trust Nikon when it comes to delivering cameras with amazing up to date features that are unique and have an HD quality that allows you to capture images even with bad lighting. Nikon camera are great to look at and very handy to use. It is small and not very heavy and therefore can easily be carried around for any vacations or outdoor shoots. Also along with the camera body and lens one would require many other items that will help in taking pictures that look professional like.

Nikon D5300 Bundle comes in a package that includes many other products to make your camera a complete one with all essentials. Many of the products in the kit are excluded for being added to the price and are given free of cost making the package an ideal buy.

The kit includes:

  1. Built-in Wi-Fi along with GPS body

  2. A Nikkor lens of 18-55mm VR II

  3. A Nikkor lens of 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G VR

  4. 2.5x Telephoto and 0.45x Wide-Angle lens

  5. Two UV filter of 52mm and 58mm

  6. 6 piece cleaning kit for camera and lenses

  7. A Nikon rechargeable EN-EL14/a lithium battery

  8. Battery charger

  9. 64GB memory card

  10. Memory card case

  11. A secure USB card reader

  12. HDMI USB cable

  13. ML-L3 wireless remote controller

  14. LCD screen protectors for your camera

  15. A backpack for the camera and lens

Advantages of the product:

  • Nikon D5300 Bundle has amazing camera lens that helps in clicking pictures even in dull lighting

  • The built-in Wi-Fi along with GPS is the new feature installed that is of great advantage

  • The spare battery given helps in cases of emergencies, especially during travel

  • The memory cards allotted make it possible to click a number of pictures and shoot videos

  • Backpack with the package helps in storage of all items in one

  • The multi-layer coating helps in avoiding blurriness

Disadvantages of the camera:

Although the entire package consists of amazing number of products of great quality the camera in itself could prove to be a little heavy weight. But given the awesome features it has no one would consider that to be a negative aspect.


Nikon D5300 Bundle consists of products that are of high quality and the camera and lens of amazing features, thereby making the package a best buy. Nikon has since a long time been the favorite of many and has proved to be so because of the awesome picture quality it provides people. Anyone interested in photography but find it hard to buy a package that gives you all the essentials you would require, at a best price should consider this one.

Considering both the advantage and the disadvantage of the product one can see how beneficial the product in itself it. It is widely used by many professionals all over. Any amateur can also use it with ease given the kit comes with a manual that would help in understanding the camera and it features well.

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