Sony A58 Bundle Deal

By | November 25, 2014

Avail the best with the Sony A58 Bundle Deal

Are you among those who simply love to explore the vast world with the eyes of the camera? Are you among those who have taken up the art of photography as their bread and butter? Then you must be knowing that despite being a beautiful profession as well as hobby the art of photography doesn’t come cheap. This is such an art which requires investments and some of which are quite large. Now, the question is why is that so?

Well, photography is not only about talking up the camera and start shooting. When, one steps in the technical part of photography then there are a number of items needed and these items are quite costly. That is the reason it often becomes difficult for many to avail the items on a separate manner. However, it is a known fact that when things come in a combo then their price decreases to a great label. That is why Sony has come up with Sony A58 Bundle which helps you in availing various kinds of camera accessories in an amazingly affordable rate. So, are you excited to know what are included? Then read on.

The list in the combo

When it comes to the Sony A58 Bundle then one thing can be said that this combo was created with utmost care and in a precise manner. And, that is quite easily reflected by the choice of items included. The items which are in the combo are as follows:

  1. One DSLR camera from house of Sony and with its signature quality. This black bodied camera has a professional look as well as function.

  2. One Zoom lens which is of 18-55 mm.

  3. Telephoto lens with the feature of f/4 – 5.6.

  4. One memory card which is of 32 GB. The memory card is from the house of Sony and it is considered to be one among the best in the market.

  5. One accessory kit.

  6. One small case for the system.

  7. One USB cable for multipurpose use.

  8. One cleaning kit to keep the camera clean and sparkly.

  9. One lens cleaner to take razor sharp pictures.

  10. One cleaning cloth made of micro fiber to keep your camera clean.

  11. Screen guard to protect the LCD of your camera.

  12. One strap to keep your camera secure while shooting.

  13. One filter for your lens.

  14. One multi-card reader which also acts as a multi-card writer.

The advantages

The positive aspects which have made the Sony A58 Bundle an instant hit among the users are:

  1. The camera provided in this combo is really easy to use.

  2. The controls of the camera are absolutely user friendly and thus you can take a picture at any moment you like.

  3. The accessories provided are not only useful but of great quality.

The disadvantage

The only negative part in the Sony A58 Bundle is that some may find the screen guard to be of a slightly low quality. And, definitely that’s an issue not to be bothered about.

So, when are you getting your camera along with awesome accessories?

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